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Adduco Consulting - Cynthia Widlitze - Professional Speaker, Sales Consultant and Coach

Meet Cynthia

What does Cynthia do?

She works with her clients to create simple, repeatable processes that will increase their sales. She also helps her clients develop a culture where extraordinary customer experiences lead to customer loyalty and organic customer growth.

What’s the result for you?

Dramatic improvements in revenues, profit margins, customer retention and employee retention! Contact Cynthia now to start driving positive results!

Cynthia Coaches Your Business To…

Adduco means “to lead, to draw out or to persuade”, which is what I do with my clients to bring out the very best in them and their organizations. – Cynthia Widlitze

What Makes Cynthia Successful?

With more than 30 years in sales, management and financial services, Cynthia possesses an exceptional ability to confidently interact with all levels of an organization, from the CEO to the frontline staff. Her personality is one of “getting things done” and driving results through building relationships and creating a collaborative environment. With an enthusiastic, professional and genuinely friendly attitude, her passion for her work and for helping others enables her to quickly connect with people and make an impact on them to take action.

Time and time again, throughout her career she has successfully created a sales culture among the staff, leading to extraordinary increases in new sales and customer retention, while creating the customer-centric environment necessary for success. Cynthia has repeatedly led teams to exceeding established sales and revenue goals. Contact Cynthia today to start getting the positive results you want!

Cynthia stays very active in her community through her involvement with the Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, Habitat for Humanity, No Heart Left Behind, Young Entrepreneur's Academy and the Humane Society. Born in Texas, Cynthia was raised in the Greater New Orleans area, where she currently resides with her family.

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